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metaphors by bruce farrowMetaphors by Bruce Farrow.

Metaphors are not something that NLP invented. Stories with a purpose have been around for thousands of years. What NLP contributed to the metaphor field was a model of how to design effective metaphors and, how to use them for effective human change.

On NLP courses you will, or should hear, many metaphors. The skillful trainer will use them to open up options in your thinking. They will use them so you can develop new choices. Of course, everyone loves a story, so you can also enjoy the story. At an unconscious level, perhaps new maps of thinking are being developed.

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On this website you will find a selection of metaphors that I designed over the years. They have all been used during NLP trainings. Everyone of them has a purpose and an intention and, no, I am not going to tell you what the purpose is of each metaphor! If I did that I would destroy the effectiveness!! It’s a bit like when someone says “the moral of the story is…” By giving an audience the hidden moral of the story, they ruin the effectiveness of the message. The message is far more powerful at the unconscious level than at the conscious level.

If you are interested enough to wish to discover how to design your own metaphors for a specific purpose then find an NLP Trainer who is a good story teller – the likelihood is that he or she will be an expert in metaphor design. Then book on their NLP practitioner course! You will find a good NLP Practitioner course a very good investment in yourself where you can learn to understand how your mind works and how to take control of it.

So enjoy the stories you find on this site and please do not republish them!

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metaphors by bruce farrow

Metaphors by Bruce Farrow gives an outline of the background to metaphors and how they are used.