The Artist of the Future

By Bruce Farrow on May 4, 2015

bruce farrow windsor marketIt was a late on a warm, tropical, evening as the couple wandered through the market.

There was excitement, yet calmness amongst the chatter of the traders and a peacefulness encouraged by the environment. The aromas of foreign spices and cooking fish and meat filled the air as the couple eased themselves down the narrow streets full of people.

They arrived at a stall selling handbags and the girl looked at each of them eagerly, as she had done on every other stall in the market. The man smiled. She was having fun and he laughed at her ridiculous indecision.

If you like it, buy it!” he said.

But there might be something better at the next stall” she replied.

Then buy that as well!” he laughed and put his arm round her shoulders and kissed her. She was unique and she looked up at him and their eyes met. True love.

She bought the bag and as they began to move off there was a shout behind them.


They turned round and saw an old local woman sitting at an easel. “I haven’t finished painting you!

We didn’t ask you to paint us” he replied,

“I paint special people and I paint their future. Please sit down for a few moments, while I finish.”

The couple laughed. They had all the time in the world, at least it felt like it, and they didn’t want the evening to end. So they sat opposite the woman while she continued painting.

What do you mean when you say ‘I paint people’s future’?” he asked.

I can see the future of people and that is what I paint. I am painting how I see you in the future

Can we see?” said the girl excitedly.

You can see the painting but I must warn you, if you look at the painting then what I have painted will come true. If you don’t look at the painting you still have time to change things and create the future that you want. So, my question to you both is ‘do you love each other enough to do whatever it takes to ensure that you create exactly what you want in your future or, do you want to gamble and look at what I have painted. Remember whatever I have painted is guaranteed to come true IF you look at it’.”

The couple looked into each other’s eyes. They wanted to be together forever and would have loved a guarantee but neither was prepared to risk a look at the picture. What if she had painted something terrible? Maybe she had painted something beautiful?

They spoke softly to each other and agreed that their love would carry them through. They would do whatever it took to create the future that they wanted and they promised each other that they would do that. Nothing would come in their way that they would not surmount. No problem would be too large. Their love was too great.

Thank you, so much for painting our future” said the girl, “however we cannot take the risk and look at what you have painted. We appreciate your efforts and we love each other so much that we think that we can create the future that we want.

There may be challenges in your future” said the old lady, “if I have painted a rosy future for you all those challenges will disappear.

We realise that” said the man, “however we feel that we can conquer anything that gets in our way.”

Then I wish you well. I can feel the love you have for each other and the inner strength that you have. Hold onto both and remember, there is no challenge in life that determination and fortitude cannot overcome. Be strong and believe in yourselves and each other and never, ever give up on what you want.

The couple wandered off, smiling, revelling in the moment of being in love in a foreign land on a beautiful evening and safe in their knowledge of their love for each other.

They walked down onto the beach and set off towards their apartment. The moon was shining brightly, the sea was calm and they walked barefoot in the soft sand where the water touched the shore. They held hands. They didn’t need to say anything, this was the perfect moment, as they walked slowly, feeling the soft energy of the feeling of love they had for each other. Their future was secure. They would make it so. They both wanted it enough. They were as certain as they could be of that and they were strong enough to rise above any challenges. They were sure of it.

Back in the village the artist began packing her equipment away. She put her paints and brushes into an old bag and finally began to wrap the canvas that she had completed in an old sheet. She took a moment to admire her work. It was a painting of the man on a beach . . . . alone.