The Dancing Child. . .

By Bruce Farrow on November 3, 2013

bruce farrow nlp master trainer dancing childIt had been a beautiful evening in Hua Hin. The weather was warm and my co-trainers and I had been joined by a couple of our trainers training students at one of our favourite restaurants where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

As we travelled back to the hotel in a Tuk Tuk we saw that a rock band was playing in the bar in the road outside the hotel, a bar that we have renamed Artie’s bar in honour of the original owner from 5 years ago.

We decided to stop and have one more beer before heading for bed and settled ourselves around a table, ordered the beer and relaxed into the local bands versions of “House of the Rising Sun”, “Sweet Child of Mine”, and “Hotel California”. It was warm, the company was good, the beer was cold and the music was loud!

As we were sitting there, a small Thai child appeared at the bar with her parents. She was probably about 5 or 6 and was dressed in white and the first thing you noticed was her amazing smile.

Initially she stood on a bar stool, being held by her father, as she started to dance to the music.

It wasn’t long before she got down off the stool and began to dance in front of the rock band. She was GOOD! She laughed and smiled and waved at all the people sitting around her as she went through her dances. Her happiness was infectious and she became the centre of attention to all the bar goers.

The band finished one song and began to play the next and the little girl looked round the crowd and then swiftly walked up to my co-trainer and pulled her into the middle of the bar and started to dance. She had no choice, the little girl so knew exactly how it was going to be!

They danced and danced and the little girl twisted and twirled to the music. My co-trainer was having trouble keeping up! The people in the bar called encouragement and the little girl smiled more. Happiness radiated from her.

The band finished another number and the little girl marched up to the band leader and whispered in his ear. He laughed and then dropped the microphone down to her level and the band began to play…..and the little girl began to sing. She sang beautifully, her smile was from ear to ear and the rock band played. She was awesome. The crowd were applauding and waving and the child gave it her all. If this had been Britain’s Got Talent she would have won, hands down.

When she came to the end of the song and the crowd cheered and applauded and she just waved happily to her adoring crowd and trotted off to her mummy!

The people in the bar had been drawn into the world of the little girl for 20 minutes. Her world was not filled with perceptions of what other people might think, her world was the now. Her world was all about enjoying the moment and she danced like no-one was watching. She knew what she wanted and she followed that direction. Her smiles and laughter infected the bar and she did not have a care in the world.

She was alive, she was inspirational and she was herself.

Can you dance like no-one was watching in your life?