The Destination

By Bruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer

The man reached his destination and, it wasn’t the right place.

That place had been his destination for many years and had become very clear in his mind as to what it would look like, how it would be and what it would feel like and it was none of those things.

On his journey to this place he had created a vision and that visualisation had become his purpose yet, when he got there, nothing was as he had envisioned it.

On his travels he knew how he would feel when he arrived, yet there were none of those feelings.

He looked around, knowing that he was in the right place, but it was very different to how he thought it would be. Why was it so different?

His lifetime travels had brought him here and he had traversed many lands and many seas in order to reach his destination. He had met and communicated with many tribes and many people and had learned much about how humanity thinks and how humanity does.

He had met wise men and wise women on his journey and had learned much from them and had enjoyed their company and he had also met others who looked out only for themselves with little wisdom to impart. He had come across people who spoke quietly and created big things and people who had spoken loudly and delivered nothing.

He had experienced different cultures and different ways of doing things and all the time he had learned and drawn his own conclusions.

His experiences had framed his thoughts and had moulded his destination in his mind and that destination was, indeed a special place. It had become his life’s purpose and he had pursued it with vigour and had travelled through many strange lands to get there.

In some lands he had found peaceful people, who had enlightened him with their thinking and in some lands he had found warring tribes who wasted their lives in conflict. He had travelled on – always with his destiny in mind.

Over the years his destiny had become embellished by his thinking and by the words of others. Indeed, others had joined in, in his vision and most had fallen by the way side. His vision of this place had been one of a beautiful and peaceful land, full of love with the sounds of gentle music and running streams.

However, as he looked around, the land was not beautiful, nor was it peaceful and there was no love. It was desolate, arid and parched. But why? How could it be like this? It was to have been so perfect and this place was far from that! How could he have created in his mind the perfection of his vision and come to this very different place?

He was an intelligent man, he had thought things through. He had planned and followed his plan and travelled the world pursuing that plan. Whilst his journey had not always been smooth it always had purpose, yet it had brought him to this place.

He sat awhile on a large rock, contemplating the place and as his mind wandered he notice a scroll of papyrus, nailed to a dead tree which was attempting to offer some sort of shade.

He stared at it for a while, not really thinking and wondered what was written on it. But it was hot and he didn’t have the energy to walk the 5 yards in the heat to find out.

He sat awhile longer. What could it say and who on earth would leave something here anyway!

Finally he summoned the energy to stand up and walk across to the tree in the burning sun. He pulled the papyrus scroll from the tree and returned to the rock to read it.

He sat and unfurled the scroll. It said

“Listen not to others since they have their own agenda and will contaminate your purpose. Listen to thyself and follow your path. Your journey starts here”

He stood up, wiped the sweat off his brow and started to walk…