The Man Who Had Everything . . .

By Bruce Farrow NLP Trainer (Master) on May 25, 2015

bruce farrow nlp trainer venusThe man had enjoyed a full life. He had worked hard, achieved much and was generally held in high esteem by his peers. Yet, as he sat looking out over the ocean he knew something was missing from his life. There was a part of him that remained unfulfilled.

As he sat, taking in the sparkling sea, he knew that to be complete, he would have to find what is missing and to do that, he would have to meet with the guru – the wise man who knew all the answers – who lived on top of the mountain close by.

The next day he set off for the mountain and after several hours of hard climbing he arrived at the small temple where the wise man lived.

As if by magic, a wizened old man appeared from the depths of the temple and sat down in the hot sun and gestured for the man to do the same.

The man drew a deep breath, calmed his nerves from being in the presence of someone so wise and said, “Wise man, I have achieved much in my life. I have created much wealth, I have helped the less fortunate and have much that money can buy. Yet, I feel that for my life to be complete, there is something missing. It’s the final piece of the jigsaw that I need to find and I don’t know what it is.”

The wise man thought for a moment and said “Tell me, how determined are you to find this missing link? Do you have the drive and energy to do what I tell you? Are you motivated enough to give up what you already have to find this missing thing? How much do you really want it because what you are seeking cannot be bought with gold coins.”

The man thought for a moment and said “Wise man, I have enjoyed wealth and success. That is something I have done in my life and I need the next challenge. Would I swap everything I have for what is missing? Yes, I would because I feel incomplete and that thing that is missing, needs to be found in order for me to complete my life.”

Are you sure?” said the wise man, “it is possible you will have to give up everything that you have.”

Yes” said the man, “I am sure.

The old wise man got up and walked inside the temple. The man waited in the hot sun, wondering what he was going to learn. What was that thing that was missing from his life?

Several minutes later the wise man returned with a small statue, about 18 inches tall, which he handed to the man.

Take this and meditate on it and you will learn what is missing from your life and how to find it.”

The man, somewhat confused, took the statue, thanked the old man profusely, and started down the mountain and returned to his home where he placed the statue on a pedestal and then sat in front of it.

It was made of the most precious metal, gold, and was a perfectly formed representation of a woman in traditional roman attire. As he sat, he noticed the perfection of the face of the woman, exquisitely sculptured from the shining yellow metal. The eyes were soulful and searching and, he thought, had some sadness in them too. The body of the statue was made up of spectacularly beautiful curves and the toga that the woman was wearing, clung and flowed around the curves. As he sat there he became hypnotised by the beauty of the statue.

He didn’t sleep that night. He just sat in front of the statue, noticing everything about it. Night became day and day became night and he continued to sit entranced.

He would eat in front of the statue and when tiredness came, he would attempt to sleep but couldn’t because his mind was full of the perfection of the image of the statue. Eventually he would collapse into unconsciousness when his body could take the lack of sleep no more and then he would awake and continue his vigil.

People would come and knock on his door to check if he was OK and, he would ignore them. He didn’t go to the place of his business anymore, it didn’t matter to him. It was something that he had done and he was now prepared to let it go. The statue was his life now.

The workers who were employed by his business all left, there was no direction anymore and the business closed. Over a period of time, less and less people came to his door and over a longer period of time, people forgot about him.

And still he sat in front of the effigy.

He sat, and watched and noticed for months on end. The image that the statue portrayed was engraved on every cell in his body and nothing else mattered.

He didn’t know why he felt the way he did because never in his life had he been so entranced by something or someone. Never in his life did something hold his entire attention like the statue did. This thing of incredible beauty surpassed everything else he had ever encountered in his life. So he sat.

After many months he was sitting there one day, noticing the beautiful nose of the figure and its delicate ears and the beautifully crafted chin and the high cheek bones when his vision became blurred.

Slowly, the image began to move. Slowly, very slowly it began to grow and transformed itself into reality of being.

My name is Venus” she said in a voice that was milk and honey, “and you have dedicated your life to me. You have proved that you will do anything for me and that you want what is missing from your life more than anything else. You have nothing now, yet I am going to show you that you have everything.”

“Come with me . . . “



Bruce Farrow NLP Trainer conducted NLP trainings for 15 years before going into semi-retirement in 2016. He now teaches advanced Presentation skills to corporate presenters around the globe.

During his NLP trainings, Bruce Farrow NLP Trainer, developed a reputation for designing and telling metaphors for the purpose of change and this website is just some of the stories he wrote.