Your life’s story?

bruce farrow nlp metaphorsBy Bruce Farrow on April 29, 2015  

St. Peter opened the pearly gates to find a woman waiting patiently outside.

“How are you doing?” he said.

Not so good. It would appear I am dead” she replied.

“Well, let us have a chat and see if you are in the right place. How has your life been?”

“It’s been a bit of a roller coaster” she admitted softly.

“How’s that then?”

I got married young to the wrong person and wasted years of my life. After that I joined a monastery where I dedicated my life to others.”

“Very admirable. How did that make you feel?”

I had to do it. It was the right thing to do” she said quickly.

“I didn’t ask whether it was the right thing to do. I asked ‘how did it make you feel.’ How do you feel about that decision now?”

Unfulfilled” she said sadly.


I was an amazing writer and I stopped writing and now I feel like I wasted a talent” she whispered.

“You did. You were given the talent of writing to use and you failed to do it. You deprived the human race of enjoying your works. That is a bad thing and so very wasteful. You know we don’t dish out talents to everyone. Why else do you feel unfulfilled?” he said with frustration.

There was a man who I liked a lot and never told him. When I went to the monastery I never heard from him again. I never experienced true love in my life from another man and for that I feel unfulfilled” she said, her eyes filling with tears.

“Once again, you have failed. You were given a heart to love and to be loved and you missed your opportunity. When we made you we created something quite special. You were quite special, yet you have not appreciated your gifts. Why else do you feel unfulfilled?”

I didn’t end up with many true friends. I lost them when I went to the monastery and became busy with monastery business. I used to be well liked and now, well I don’t know.”

“You were very well liked. We gave you the gift of beauty and speech and kindness and you used to be well appreciated by everyone who met you. You enhanced their lives. Yet you stopped all of that and their lives became lesser for it. Why else?”

I was quite funny when I was young. People used to like that. When I went into the monastery, fun disappeared

“Fun did not disappear! You chose to not to use the humour which we gave you. Another wasted talent! How many people did you used to make smile – lots of them yet you robbed them of that. Why else do you feel unfulfilled?”

I always followed the rules. I liked rules in my life, yet I feel I missed out by doing so.

“Indeed you did miss out. We created you as an individual with your own internal rule book which you allowed to be infected by OTHER people’s rules. Are you stupid or something? Why do other people lay down rules? To control, that’s why. They want to make everyone be like them and you failed to see it. You conformed because it was easy to. I am really disappointed in you”

I always wanted to travel and have fun too. I didn’t do much traveling, I was too busy in the monastery.

“You know we created the most beautiful planet for you to enjoy. We could have saved the effort. Unbelievable that you didn’t go and have a look!”

But I gave my life to helping others – that’s surely a good thing?

“You can’t see it, can you? We created the most special being on the planet. We gave you looks, we gave you talents, we gave you humour, we gave you speech, we gave you a heart, we gave you the power of influence and we gave you your own rule book and we gave you curiosity? You really have no idea how special you were when we created you, do you? You chose to dismiss each gift one by one instead of using each gift to its maximum AND you could still have given your life to helping others. You missed the boat.”

I thought if I did good things all my life for other people, I would be welcomed.

“I am not dismissing the good things that you did but you did them as an escape from the world. We created you to enhance the world’s population, not just to help a few select people. I really am disappointed in you and before you ask, no, you can’t have a re-run of your life. You get one shot and you blew it.”

Can’t I come in then?”

“No, you can’t. We only take people who don’t waste their gifts that we gave them.”

Oh no! I had expected to get in easily. This is ridiculous! Please can I come in? I will be a good girl!”

“No, you can’t!”

“Oh poor me! Well, I suppose I had better go and see if I can get into the other place. Apparently it isn’t so bad!

“That will be for you to decide but in here we ride Harley’s and play rock and roll!”

And the woman left . . .